Monday, November 8, 2010

Close The Gate, The Last Person.

‘Hello Grimy.’

‘Hello Clean. Have you still got that jacket I lent you?’

‘Here it is.
I washed it because it was Grimy.’

‘It’s supposed to be Grimy.
It’s my jacket.
I am Grimy.
I have a Grimy jacket.’

‘Well I am Clean,
But that does not necessarily mean my jumper has to be Clean.’

‘Is it though?’


‘Now my Grimy jacket is a Clean jacket.
You may as well keep it.’

‘Oh, I couldn’t.’

‘Why ever not?’

‘Because it is your jacket and you are My Friend.
And it’s too small.’

‘Too small?
How could this be?
I am much larger and grimier than you.
And it is my jacket.’

‘It shrunk.
It shrunk in the wash.
I tried to make it Clean.’

‘Oh, Clean...’

‘I carefully wove you a Replacement Coat, but accidently threw it out with
The Rubbish
As it largely resembled The Rubbish.
Once I realised, time had passed.
Garbage Man was cradling it like a newborn child.’

‘That’s very thoughtful of you all the same, Clean.
Weaving Is Difficult.
I will wear this Small, Clean jacket every day to remind me of you
As we will no longer be Friends because you shrunk my jacket.’

(Closing of Velvet Curtains)

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