Friday, January 14, 2011

Inhale. Sail on Rail.

"The reason I ended up taking Tram Studies is initially, I was planning to go on a tandem bike ride with a couple of friends. We realised though when we arrived at the Mount Dennis Tandem Bike Depot and inspected the Mount Dennis Tandem Bike Depot Bike Shed (MDTBDBS), that there were only two seats on a tandem bicycle. I volunteered to stay behind of course while they went on the ride, even though I'd brought the picnic lunch and meticulously hand painted tandem-bike-ride-themed serviettes. I heard they had a great day and that my avocado, prawn and silver beet salad with toasted rye bread was particularly delicious. I’d gone all the way to Thailand to get those prawns. They didn’t mention the serviettes. Maybe they didn’t notice.

Due to those circumstances I ended up catching the tram back home down the ridiculously steep incline of Mount Dennis, in my tandem bike gear and everything. (It was decided that the others would need my new minibus for the trip home, as they’d have an empty picnic basket to cart around.) It was a rather humiliating experience, but I realised that on a tram - there’s room for Everyone (even if we’re all involuntarily piled down the front due the ridiculously steep incline of Mount Dennis) and I wanted to be a part of that."

- A Keen Student, specialising in Stops 23-27 on the 96 line.


nine on seven said...

I like them all. This is Claire from over the back of your front part-time work fence. Speaking of fence rails. I saw a bird running along the bush strip along that very fence rail.It was not a rail.But more quail. i immediately reported it to the Birds Australia rare bird sightings website. I used a fake name.(TRUE STORY).I write sad poo here: (Sometimes funny)

Madeleine Tucker said...

Good idea to report Mysterious Birds so that they can be treasured in cabinets by young men in khaki. (Hopefully not though.)I like your writings and how you lay out your words and build things with 'fuck', 'subtle foliage' and 'I am a writer!'